Friday, February 25, 2011

Delhi Picnic Spots

Akshardham Temple in Delhi Delhi transport corporation India Gate a family freakout Qutub Minar Delhi

Delhi being the capital of India is covered with many day picnic spots. There are ample numbers of parks, gardens. Amusement parks, water parks lakes etc. People from every area of Delhi find these picnic spots easily accessible and within reach.

One goes out with large groups of family together to enjoy lunch and also play games along with the children. Children especially are really fond of the amusement parks and the boat ride in lakes around. In today’s time picnic spots are becoming really famous especially among large families. It is the best way to have a big get together and that too at no cost or very less expense. In the evening time people generally go out with their families to amusement parks to enjoy or even to lake side parks to enjoy the cool breeze.

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